Witch Hunt

Seeking. Deceiving. Killing.



Witch Hunt is an experimental AR/VR turn-based board game project developed within 3 months. AR is mostly considered as a gimmick feature merely to enhance game experience. To challenge this, I worked with the team on designing unique gameplay ideas focusing on combining VR element with AR to isolate players in a shared virtual environment.

To win this game, one player need summon, find and kill the witch on the board. Players in the game are sharing one headset device, which means only in each player’s turn, he or she can see what happens in the virtual scene though the AR camera. The incomplete information, limited communication and overlapped consequence facilitate lots of collaboration, suspicion and even deception among players. And the various abilities each player has also bring more dynamics to the game.

In this project, my main job is to collaborate with the other programmer to implement game systems, gameplay features and the interaction between physical part and virtual part of this game. Also, I was involved in art asset production by designing physical cards and player board.

Position: Programmer | Technical Artist
Event: MDM industry project
Time: 3 months (January, 2015)
Softwares: Unity 3d, Vuforia, Maya, Photoshop, SAI