White Night

Face your fear.


White Night is a 3D first-person puzzle game made in Dare 33 by a 5 people team. The story is about a nightmare. One day, you wake up in your dream and find yourself trapped in a ruined hunting room. No way out unless you beat your own fear. Player uses his/her vision as a weapon to kill the enemy, a mysterious statue that tries to attack the players from behind. Players should keep following the enemy’s position and keep it within the vision, which means you are “burning” it down by your sight.

As the technical artist on the team, I mainly take charge of the concept art and environment building for the game. Since the game idea is about player and his fear and it is just like the relationship between hunter and prey, I decide to use the hunting room as the scenario. The chips and shatters floating in the air indicate that the place witnessed too many battle between human and their emotion. Because of mount of the 3D assets involved, I decide to use low ploy and low saturation style for the whole game. Making using of the new lighting and rendering system in Unity 5, I try to achieve the good performance of 3D assets even without texture.

Position: Technical Artist
Event: The 32nd Ludum Dare Game Jam
Time: 3 days (April, 2015)
Softwares: Unity 5, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, FL Studio