The King Was Sick

Rewrite the story, save the king.



The King Was Sick is a narrative-based puzzle video game developed over a course of 6 weeks. To pass the game, player needs to control different characters and finish their own tasks in order to achieve the goal of curing the king.

The original idea for The King Was Sick was heavily based on the concept of karma and reincarnation in Hinduism. Players would control different creatures such as a spider, bird, cat, monkey and human that interact with each other in an interwoven story arc. Playing each creature, players would encounter an inevitable death that would cause them to be reborn as a different creature depending on their actions. Creatures would be organized in a hierarchy and good actions (i.e. good karma) would result in rebirth as a higher creature, while bad actions would result in rebirth as a lower creature. With every rebirth the timeline would also be reset, causing players to replay the same story as different creatures and gradually uncovering the relations between them, giving cues on how to accumulate good karma. The goal of the game would be piecing together the story to finally take all the good actions, leave the circle of rebirth and reach nirvana.

Position: Programmer
Event: MDM Project
Time: 6 weeks (November- December, 2014 )
Softwares: Unity 4.6,Photoshop ,Adobe Illustrator, After Effect, Maya, Cinema 4D