Runaway Caster

Cast spells like a pro.



Runaway Caster is a small project I developed for the Installation Arts course at the Centre for Digital Media. The game allows players to cast spells through different gestures by both hands at the same time. The only way to survive longer in the game is to attack the elemental monster by using spells of their weakness type. Fast thinking, sharp eyes and well-balanced hands control are key to high score.

As the only member on this project, I finished game design, art and gameplay programming all by myself. The most difficult part of the production is to figure out a proper way to detect the hand gesture from player with certain tolerance. Although I couldn’t come up with a practical solution for a precise detection within limited time, I managed to simplify the process by limiting the valid input types from player in order to scope down and make sure the production ends in time.

Position: Programmer | Artist
Event: Installation Arts project at CDM
Time: 2 weeks
Softwares: Unity 3d, Zigfu, Cinema 4D, Photoshop
Hardware: A Kinect Kit, a projector, a portable wall, a speaker and a Mac Pro