PAC-MAN Bounce

Bounce with PAC-MAN !!!



PAC-MAN Bounce is a 2D puzzle game project I participated during my internship at V2 Games. I mainly worked as a programmer collaborating with other programmers on team and implement gameplay feature and trouble-shoot existing bugs.

I entered the project in the late production period. That’s part of the reasons I felt stressed in the very beginning. Due to my unfamiliarity to the source code, every small change I did may break the build. In order to be able to join the development faster, I prioritized the order of reading scripts according to the severity of the bugs assigned to me. Eventually, I managed to understand most of the code in a short period of time and keep up with a comparatively fast speed of debugging.

Position: Programmer
Company: V2 Games
Time: 3 months
Softwares: Unity 3d, Photoshop, Wrike, Source Tree