Legacy Of The Beasts

Battle as Eddie across amazing worlds.


As a VFX Artist on a team, I mostly work on visual effects for character abilities and environment. Aside from the VFX, I also make use of my time at work to help develop and maintain tools in Unity for VFX artists and animators to boost their productivity as well as troubleshooting for artists.

From working as a VFX artist, I get to truly understand the workflow of an artist and the importance of reliable tools to artists. By making art assets myself, I experienced the artists’ daily struggles which really helped me figure out how Technical Artists can contribute to the art production pipeline to achieve a bigger success for the team.

Therefore, aside from FX tasks, sometimes I also work as a TA on various subjects to improve art production efficiency overall. My part-time TA work includes but is not limited to developing artists tools/ script, documenting process and troubleshooting.

Position: VFX Artist/ Technical Artist
Company: Navigator Games
Time: Apr. 2019 - Oct. 2021
Tools: Unity, Perforce, Shader, Maya, Photoshop, Visual Studio 2018