Deep in the forest, there are lights. Hopefully, they aren't monsters' eyes.


Igniculus is a 2D game created in Vancouver Global Game Jam 2015 by a 5-people team. The story is about the survival of a little girl lost in a dark forest. Monsters hidden in the darkness are afraid of light. Thus, the girl needs to collect enough fireflies to defeat the monsters.

Players use keyboard to control the movement of the girl. The girl has a container but the light will die off gradually. To get some refills, player needs to kill monsters and collect the fireflies dropped from the dead bodies. Monsters get burned when exposed to light and they will chase after the girl in order to kill her. To survive longer, player should keep a distance with monsters and make sure they are in the light at the same time.

The game ends when any monster gets to the player. The time player survive in the game becomes the score.

Position: Technical Artist
Event: 2015 Vancouver Global Game Jam
Time: 2 days (January, 2015)
Softwares: Unity 4.6, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, FL Studio