Cargo Transport

Rebuild our homeland.


Cargo Transport is a space-themed online physics game, featuring a persistent open world for players that enjoy both single-player and collaborative multiplayer experiences. Unlike most multiplayer games Cargo Transport aims at an easy drop-in and drop-out experience that can be enjoyed independent of the number of players online.

Players are divided into three teams and are tasked to deliver as much cargo as possible to their respective team’s base. Delivered cargo is converted into victory points relative to its value. The team to accumulate the most points at the end of a matchup is declared winner. The value of each cargo piece delivered depends primarily on its size, which in turn determines its weight and therefore the total power required to be moved. Cargo’s value increases exponentially to its size. Certain special conditions may further influence the value.

Position: Programmer
Members: Philipp Reith, Guilherme Cunha , Camila Serrano,
Lucia Liu, Neo Li, Nicholas Zhang
Client: Radial Games
Time: 8 week (February- April, 2015)
Softwares: Unity 4.6, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator