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Sweet bombs.


Lonely Planet is a 2D game made in Ludlum Dare 32 by a 3.people. The story is about a little lonely prince on his planet, whose job is to create falling stars to light up the universe. He has to jump or double jump to avoid the stars that he created to launch them.

Players use keyboard to control the movements, including jumping and squatting of the character. During the game, the little prince is always throwing stars behind himself. Those stars will travel in a cycle and come in front of the prince and become falling stars if not hit by the prince. Each time when the player hit the star, the sky will become darker since it cannot maintain its brightness without falling stars.

The game will end when player hit 3 stars in total. The amount of falling stars created by players becomes the score of the player.

Position: Programmer, Artist
Event: Idie Game Project
Time: MAY 2014
Softwares: Cocos2ds, Photoshop, SAI