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I joined this project during the pre-production and my work as a TA includes researching and prototyping NPR art style with realtime rendering, implementing artist tools in the engine and defining character production guidelines to achieve target art style.

This is the first time I worked on NPR rendering style so I did a lot of research and learning on competitor games and assembled the character workflow bit by bit to ensure the final rendering is as close as possible to the original anime and our concept. It was not an easy process but I really enjoyed tackling all the challenges and work with 3D artists to explore different possiblities. I was glad about the final result at the end of the pre-production. There is still work that needs to be done and room for improvement but I believe the team will continue where I left off and keep on elevating the styles.

Position: Technical Artist
Company: Navigator Games
Time: Apr. 2020 - Oct. 2021
Tools: Unity, Perforce, CG Shader, Maya, Photoshop, Visual Studio Core