Journey till the end of life.



Afloat (Drifting) is a 2D mobile survival game originated from my appreciation for the beauty of trigonometric when I was in middle school. The story happens on the sea. Players need to control the boat to in order to survive on the sea. The main challenge of life on the sea is that the boat may be engulfed by sea when too much seawater is poured into the boat. As the time goes by, the obstacle floating on the waves, the changeable weather and animals living in the sea will bring more possibilities to the game. The game ends when either the boat contains too much water. The time of players’ survival will be recorded and become the key to value their performance.

As the technical artist on this team, my duty is to create stylish art assets and special effects to simulate the threatening and ever-changing environment on the sea. I combined several art styles, including engraving and watercolor, to provide a unique visual experience for players. After the whole environment is settled down, I try to break the big pattern with small details, such as the flag, wheel and bulb on the boat. Those uncontrolled little things together will generate a sense of uncertainty for players and make them feel more helpless.

Also, I assist the development of the game. I support the programmer on the team from fast prototyping in the very beginning to the difficulty curve programming in final phase. During the whole process, I offered lots of suggestions to solve some problems with both technical and design solutions.

Position: Technical Artist
Event: “One Game A Month” Game Jam
Time: February 2015 (In progress)
Softwares: Unity 4.6, Photoshop, SAI